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Keeping seniors out of nursing homes

While Illinois paid nursing homes to care for seniors, those providing care to seniors in the community were denied reimbursement over the course of the two year budget impasse, demonstrating clearly where the state's current senior care priorities are.  This is unacceptable.  Not only do our seniors deserve to live in the community, it is less expensive for Illinois to pay for home and community based services rather than full institutional care.

Fair Treatment of Labor Unions By the State

It is unconscionable that Governor Rauner refuses to negotiate with state employee labor unions.  I will stand up for our workers.

Commitment to Education

Zip code should not decide the quality of education our children receive.  Nor should funding education be a political football to be tossed about at whim.  I will fight to equalize funding for our kids' schools all across Illinois.

A Progressive Income Tax

Millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share.  I will work to develop a progressive income tax that no longer forces the working people of Illinois to should the majority of the tax burden.

Support for our district in Springfield

I will not be a tool of any political party but will stand firm in my resolve to improve conditions--environmental, educational, and business--in east central Illinois.

Committee to Elect Cindy Cunningham
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