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Cindy's Priorities

#1 Lowering Taxes, Adding Quality Jobs, & Building a Stronger Economy

Everyone willing to work hard should have opportunities to gain quality employment and contribute to a stronger local economy. As a member of the General Assembly, Cindy will fight to lower taxes while closing tax loopholes to ensure large corporations pay their fair share. A stronger local economy also means investing to build and improve roads, bridges, waterways, and other projects in Central Illinois, bringing the 104th District modern infrastructure and additional quality jobs.

#2 Protecting Seniors & Improving Health Care Affordability

Cindy will fight to make sure that senior citizens have every opportunity to age in their homes rather than nursing homes, and she will work hard to shift funding to increase opportunities for senior home care. In addition, Cindy will protect important programs like Medicare and Social Security, which people have paid into throughout their careers. As a part of the General Assembly, she will lead the charge in people born with or who have developed conditions that require ongoing care, while also focusing on positive health care options for everyone. 

#3 Investing in Education & Expanding Vocational Programs

Cindy will work to enact legislation that provides equal funding for schools across the state, improving our broken system that abundantly funds some districts, while leaving others behind. Funding also needs to be increased for technical programs and vocational programs, and partnerships between trade unions and schools must be created and enhanced to better connect people with skills needed for the workforce. Cindy will also work to make college more affordable, provide debt relief for student loans, and protect funding for public universities. 

#4 Ending “Politics as Usual”

It’s time to end big money and corruption in politics. While in office, Cindy will work to create leadership term limits to end insider-politics and corruption. In addition, Cindy will fight to put forth legislation to end big money’s grip on the political process, and she will not take any money from corporate PACs. Finally, Cindy will put residents of the 104th District before her party and work across the aisle to pass meaningful legislation built on goodwill and compromise.

Support for our district in Springfield

I will not be a tool of any political party but will stand firm in my resolve to improve conditions--environmental, educational, and business--in east central Illinois.

Committee to Elect Cindy Cunningham
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